Why Women Should Lift Weights Just Like Men

Yeah the title is written just to get you to look at this. The reason women should work out with weights just like men is because they will get the same benefits. Stronger, leaner bodies capable of much more than they would be able to accomplish without it.

The main concern for many women: “I’ll get huge muscles.”

No, you won’t. Not unless that’s what you decide to workout for.

Women’s muscles respond to resistance training just like mens’. But with very few exceptions, women’s muscles are not shaped like mens’ and look different when weight trained. Women have muscles that tend to appear fit and lean rather than “muscular”. Simple genetics determines most of that.

Proof of weightlifting safety and positive effects on women.

A great example of why women should not be afraid of serious weight training is illustrated by this video of Katie Lobliner of Muscle and Fitness. The video is done in a gym with Katie demonstrating a typical “day one” workout.

As with everything, this type workout can be done in a gym, at home with moderate equipment or in other locations being creative. Watching the video it will be clear that Katie has obviously not turned into a muscle bound monster from working out with weights.

In about the first 20% of the video she does some advertising. Just click past that for a good view of one of her full workouts.


Resistance Training For Women Myths:

  • Weight lifting will make me muscle bound.
  • My muslces will get big and I won’t be able to move.
  • I’ll look like a man.
  • It will make me appear masculine.
  • Added muscle will slow me down.
  • I won’t be flexible.

Any woman reading this would have to be on an intensive weight training and nutrition program for several years to attain bodybuilder type muscles. It would have to be intentional for that purpose alone. And even if that was pursued all the myths would still apply.

Otherwise weight training will simply enhance your appearance and improve your ability in every physical activity in your life.

My daughter, Jacquilyn often works out with me with our home equipment, and out in the woods with hills, rocks and trees. At this writing she is also a red belt in Taekwondo which many times requires pushups, squats and various body weight resistance work.

It doesn’t make her or any woman look less feminine.

Virtually every resistance exercise that is effective for men is also effective for women. The benefits are the same for women. The enhancement to their appearance is often obvious and satisfying.

This article is not for me to go into detail about exercises or other aspects of women’s weight training.

It is to encourage the women coming to this website to consider adding multiple types of resistance training to their fitness pursuits. That includes all out weightlifting if possible.

With this type training, just like all others, everything leads to something else. If you’re a woman start adding resistance training to your exercise. Be creative in the variety and types of exercise you add.

You’ll find the benefits to be obvious and gratifying if you’ve never tried it before.