Two Questions About Exercise To Stay Motivated For Fitness

I often answer questions for people concerning their fitness pursuits and exercise. “Where do I start?” is one of the most common points of confusion about exercise.

To determine where to start and how to proceed there are two specific questions you have to ask yourself.


What are you wanting to achieve that requires exercise?

The first question to figure out where to start exercising is, “What do I want to do?” Where you start should be determined by what you want to do. Does what you want to do require that you become stronger, faster, more enduring or maybe a combination of those?

That’s how to determine where you will start exercising toward meeting your fitness goals. Pursuing exercises that will actually be dynamic and help you do what you want to do will go a long way toward continual motivation.

Keep a goal in front of you continuously to keep something to enthusiastically work towards.

The second exercise/fitness question is, “What can I live with?”

What will I be doing three weeks from now, three months from now, a year from now? Are the exercises I’m doing today going to still be working in a year?

If you keep doing the same ones over and over again the same way, probably not.

That’s a critical question in people getting discouraged a few months into their newfound exercise. Exercise works quickly when you first start. But as quickly as it works, it also stops working just as quickly and abruptly.

Your body gets acclimated to routines of exercise, causing gains in strength, endurance, speed to slow or cease. This is where people often find themselves on what seems to be a hamster wheel of chasing the newest exercise systems. But staying out of routines is what is most important in ensuring you don’t hit a plateau and that you keep making gains.

Avoid exercise plateau stall-outs and discouragement at all costs.

The way I stay motivated and keep from getting stale or hitting the dreaded plateau is that I hardly ever do the same workout more than once or twice in any 3 or 4 week period.

The video is filmed on a day when I am in a wooded area carrying rocks from 15 lbs to about 50 lbs up and down the hillside. People reading this may immediately think “I can’t stand carrying rocks all the time.”

Keep in mind the point of this article is not the exercise, but varying whatever exercise you do. Carrying rocks is a small part of what I do in 25-30 workouts per month. That one exercise as a workout is only done once or twice in a four week period.

Women reading this and watching the video may think it’s for men only. Not so.Unique Fitness Exercise

Everything on the Normal Fitness website is for men or women unless specifically focused on one or the other. Women can do pretty much any strength training a man can do. And they’ll get the same strength and endurance benefits from it.

My daughter, Jacquilyn, works out in the woods shown in the video. She runs, does calisthenics, lifts, climbs just like me only better. She’s a martial artist and this all fits in with what she wants to do and pursuing those goals.

Men or women, if getting your hands and clothes dirty is too much of an issue, you will lock yourself out of some great fitness opportunities outdoors.

Exercise on the ground

Over decades of workout out for various reasons, I’ve learned that for my muscle and endurance I can work all muscle groups in the gym, my back yard, the woods, on my deck, in my weight room, at a lake, etc. I use all of those resources throughout each month.

Using all those provides both strength and endurance along with dynamic function to maximize your fitness level.

Summary – The two questions to ask yourself when pursuing your fitness goals:
1. What do I want to do.
2. What can I live with.

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