Introduction To Restoring Muscle Strength For Shooters

This page with the video and links below are part of the Normal Fitness website that is set aside for handgun shooters who have lost or lack muscular strength. This could be from injury, disease, age wear or other condition. But recovering your strength is what we focus on here.


The pages linked to below progress from hands and arms to shoulders to lower body. They provide simple but effective exercises for rebuilding muscular strength to allow you to fully train with your handgun.

This being the Normal Fitness website you should know we don’t always work out in standard ways or in standard places. After you watch these videos just for shooters, look around the site for ideas and inspiration to achieve the highest fitness level possible for you.

As far as equipment is concerned, a set of adjustable dumbbells, some pushup bars and a couple of other small items can provide you with all you need to reach your fitness goals. You don’t have to have a fitness center or a complicated system to get fit. Keep it simple and keep it consistent.

You’ll get what you need.

A lot of people write to me on the Christian Gun Owner website telling me they can’t operate the slide on a semi auto handgun. For men this is usually because of some debilitating condition that has been allowed to progress for too long.

On the other hand many men write telling me their wife or girlfriend can’t operate the slide because they’re not “strong enough.” If they have some kind of special physical challenge that can be true. Most often though, it is because they are simply being indecisive in working the slide.

In either case, both physically and mentally a change has to take place. But most men or women can operate any size handgun successfully with some work.

If you have any doubt about the way a woman should be able to work the slide, watch Jacquilyn operate the Beretta 96 in the video.

So, the first video helps gain strength and decisiveness for use of your hands, wrists and forearms. These are the most common points of challenge when there is difficulty handling a handgun.

Then the others go on to help with your shoulders and lower body. This provides comprehensive help in developing and regaining strength you need to fully train with your defensive handgun.

Click on the links below to go to the page you need.

Let’s get going.

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