Performing A Continuous Shoulder Strength Workout With Adjustable Dumbbells

This is a way to get an intensive shoulder strength workout using adjustable dumbbells. The extra benefit of this workout is from working through three different exercises without stopping. In fact, during those three exercises, you’ll only put the dumbbells down once long enough to adjust the weight.

Completion of three dumbbell shoulder exercises will be one set.

For each of the following exercises, do 5 – 10 repetitions each according to intent and weight. If you are working for deep shoulder strength, use more weight – less reps. For endurance – more repetitions, less weight. Either way, get ready to feel the burn.

1. Start with the dumbbells up at shoulder level and begin two handed overhead dumbbell presses. Do all the reps for that one exercise.

Start Dumbbell Press     Adjustable Dumbbell Press Move  Overhead Dumbbell Press

One hand dumbbell press2. Without stopping to rest, begin another set of overhead presses alternating hands. Do all the reps for that exercise. For this exercise you can vary the position of your hand going up, down or both.

3. Only stop long enough to reset the dumbbell weights for standing laterals. With the weights down in front of you begin a set of standing laterals. Do all the reps for that exercise.

When you finish the standing laterals you have finished one set – of three exercises.

At that point, if you did them correctly, you may have to remind yourself why you’re doing it because it will burn so bad.

               Begin Side Laterals                  dumbbell-side-lateral

If you are up to it and have some fitness experience, you can do another complete set of three exercises after a two minute rest.

Don’t make this type of workout a way of life. This is something to work in with your fitness activity for a few weeks from time to  time to r amp up your strength, endurance or both. It will give you serious benefits in a few weeks.

Doing this type dumbbell shoulder strength workout long term will be counterproductive. It will wear on your muscles and energy and won’t continue to help you advance. But for short term gains, it can produce dramatic results.