A Breakthrough Biceps Strength And Size Workout You Can Use Right Now

Like the title says, this is a breakthrough biceps workout you can use right now to increase strength and size. I emphasize “right now” because there is nothing to buy, nothing to delay your use of it, no reason not to use it immediately if you need it.

The biceps exercises shown are nothing unique. You’ll recognize them. The value is in the combination and intensity with which they’re performed. All four exercises you’ll see performed, combined, will equal one set.

Do em like shown and you’ll think a blow torch has been turned on your arms. I’ve shown a great deal of me doing the full set of exercises which I don’t normally do. But in this case, it gives a good picture of the combined effect of the exercises.

Normal Fitness will not be a clearing house for workout “systems”. But combinations of exercises that can be used as part of any strength training are what will be shown here. They will be of value in helping you break through challenges with muscular development, strength, and just the motivation to keep vigorously working out.

That’s combined and  used with any other strength training method you may be using.

CAUTION: Use this wisely, not as an end-all arm workout, but periodically to add shock value to your muscles. When you workout one way for long enough, your body becomes resistant. That’s the time to add a different combination of exercises that are either heavier, used at greater intensity, or both.

ALSO: This high intensity, multi-exercise biceps workout is not for people new to strength training. It is for people who have established a solid platform of strength training exercise.

The Exercises Done Without Rest: After Warmup

NOTE: The weight used for each exercise should allow you to do multiple reps of each exercise. Weight should not be close to a single maximum lift.

1. Chrome Curved Curl Bar curls with reps performed to 90% of failure. This starts with weight that is moderate, but enough to get the biceps working deep. It sets the stage for the other 3 done back to back.

2. Standard Dumbbell Curls performed to 90% failure. With only 10-15 seconds between this and the first exercise, your ability and how many reps will be seriously curtailed. That’s ok.

If 15 reps are 90% of failure, great. If 7 reps are, that’s ok too. Don’t worry about the count. It will be according to your level of strength training, weight used, etc. Concern yourself with the intensity. Continue to move until complete.

3. Hammer Curls – forcing the weight up, fighing it slowly back down. Same progression as exercises above.

4. Resistance Band Curls to complete failure. Stand on the band, feet spread to provide full band weight resistance and perform them smoothly but quickly until you can’t pull them up at all.
Finish: That’s your one set.


If this proceeded after other exercises for your arms, this may end the workout. If it is stand-alone, you may want to do it again after several minutes rest.

Even if you work your arms regularly, don’t be surprised if this produces some soreness. It will work the muscles to a degree they haven’t been used to. Initially, some soreness is a positive response.

A breakthrough biceps strength and size workout. If you have been working out and need to go to another level, you can use it right now.


An Intense Upper Back Workout For Breakthrough Results

The intent of this back workout is not to make it an end-all workout. It’s to add yet another tool to your list of workout methods. It is a high intensity upper back workout that will give you something to take you to a higher level, or help you break free from a plateau.

For it to work in that capacity, it has to be done with a high degree of intensity. That’s why it should be used periodically and not continuously. It is a breakthrough type workout.

You’ll do three exercises to a high level of fatigue with only enough rest between them to change to each weight station or change equipment. That will mean you will do in 10-15 minutes what you would normally take 30-45 minutes to do.

It’s the intensity that makes it work.

Keep in mind, if you don’t have one or any of the pieces of equipment shown, you can substitute something else. Just try to emulate the move and weight load. It may take some imagination, but keep in mind, your body doesn’t know whether you’re lifting a concrete block or a dumbbell.

Don’t be afraid to be creative.Lat Shoulder Control

Before starting, about the importance of the lats. Yeah it looks good to have a wide back. But more important than that the lats are what gives the deepest functioning ability to your shoulders. The lats enable stable, strong shoulder rotation and provide strength to finish the most difficult lifts and pulls done with the arms and shoulders. The lats also provide significant body armor protecting your body from hard impact.

My warm up for my upper back workout is often in the form of power cleans. These may be light, medium or heavy according to what my strength training needs are at the time. The power cleans are compound moves that fully warm up my legs, upper and lower back, and arms. Not absolutely necessary, but if you’re going to use this great strength and agility exercise, this is a good place.

The high intensity upper back workout starts here.

The first exercise I’m doing is a bent over two arm row with one end of a barbell.  Keep in mind, the important thing is to do them until you feel near failure.

Be sure to set your back when doing these to avoid injury. Don’t allow yourself to sway or allow your back to raise and lower when performing the rows.

Bent over two arm row

When concluded, without delay pick up your dumbbells and do some heavy one arm dumbbell rows. Keep in mind, heavy means what is heavy to you. It should dig in deep to the lats with a full awareness based on feeling the depth of effect.

After the fatigue of the barbell rows, these allow you to focus tightly on your lats without being inhibited by your weakest link which is your lower back. If you have access to a fitness center, you may be able to use a chest supported rowing machine.

One Arm Dumbbell Rows

The final exercise, without resting, are resistance band pull downs. Seated at an angle under the straps, back straight, keeping your arms high grip the band while positioning yourself so there is beginning resistance on the bands. At no point during this exercise should the band(s) go limp.

Note: Today, for a moderate cost, you can purchase resistance band systems that with a little imagination will rival the weight resistance of a high end gym cable machine. Mine can be used individually or combined for resistance up to 210 lbs.

Resistance Band Pulldowns

Pull the bands back smoothly as far as possible. Return to the beginning position. No jerky movements should be used. The return back to the beginning position should be slow ans smooth.

IMPORTANT: On the resistance band moves, there should be no relief on the muscle, up or down, until the exercise is completed – almost to failure. Also the elevated position of the bands is important to hitting the full range of muscle fiber in the lats.

Alternately you can duplicate the rowing exercises very effectively by lying under a barbell elevated on a squat rack or Smith Machine. This provides a very solid platform for pulling yourself up in a rowing motion. It can also be modified pretty significantly to add challenging elements to the exercise.

After these are complete, you should have done somewhere around 50-70 total reps between them all.

Now is time to rest for two minutes.

Alternatives or additions to the exercises above: Full bent barbell rows, straight bar inverted pullups, chest supported dumbbell rows.

How to use it.

Then repeat this intense set of back exercises again. Or use them as a one-time element added to your heavy strength training. Use it however you need it to accomplish your strength training goals.

Keep in mind that once you perfect the performance of these upper back exercises, you can use your imagination to add challenging elements to them.

As you progress through your workouts, the only limit to the number and ways of doing exercises to add challenge and effectiveness is your imagination.

Write down the details of this high intensity upper back workout. While nothing should be cut in stone, having a record of how you do each exercise accompanied by changes you make will go a long way in providing a long list of options going forward.

NOTE: In most articles I write from the perspective of what you can use at home, outdoors in  your yard, in the woods, at a park, etc. While I use a fitness center periodically throughout the year, I never want to get dependent on it to maintain a high level of fitness and strength.


A High Intensity Biceps Workout With Adjustable Dumbbells

I used the term high intensity to describe this adjustable dumbbell biceps workout because it requires you to use the dumbbells for three consecutive exercises with no rest in between except to change positions. A concentrated workout for any body part will require a moderate weight because of the general intensity of the exercise.

This is not a workout intended to replace your regular, progressive heavy arm work. It is to add to your workouts from time to time to add variety and hence to avoid plateauing.

Not An End All – A Supplemental Biceps Workout

In fact, nothing should replace general strength training exercises for any body part. Added exercises should enhance and assist you in gaining strength and getting past sticking points, as well as adding functional ability to your muscle.

If done correctly and with the proper level of intensity, these biceps exercises will result in your arms burning like fire. They will hit your bicep at each level, bottom, peak, top.

Working from an incline bench, I first do upright seated curls with the dumbbells. According to the weight you are using, you should be able to do 7-12 repetitions. This hits primarily the lower part of the bicep.

Seated Adjustable Dumbbell Curls

When complete I lean back in an incline position and do another set of curls, same number of reps. This elongates the muscle further working the muscle up into the peak.

Incline Dumbbell Biceps Curs

As soon as those are complete, I turn around with my chest resting on the inclined bench, arms hanging down below. On these I concentrate on as full a range of motion as possible, flexing at the top of the movement. This completes the range of muscle concentration with the top of the bicep receiving concentrated work.


To complete this set of exercises, I either use two very light dumbbells or a light resistance band and do standing curls to failure.

The burn at this point is tremendous and your arms will feel jelly like if you have worked with the proper amount of intensity.

Resistance Band Biceps Curls

After 2-3 minutes rest, you can repeat the exercises for the next concentrated set. Few people will need more than two complete circuits through these exercises.

These concentrated dumbbell biceps curls should be added, keeping in mind the Normal Fitness motto: Everything is part of something else.

Don’t use these as a forever workout for your arms. They are specifically to add as needed when you want to get past a point in your fitness pursuit.

Use them wisely and keep them just part of the big picture.