Suspension Straps Exercises – Worthy Additions To Your Workout Methods

Over the couple of weeks before this was written I put together a few video clips of me using some suspension straps I made to add a new level of exercise to my workouts. They are made from two tie down straps purchased at Lowes. Total price of the straps, clips, 3/4″ pvc was around $20.00. The result was a pair of 14 foot straps with ratchets that is versatile to say the least.

Best of all this DIY version is rated for 1000 pounds work load, 3000 lbs break strength. That gives me a lot of confidence that I am not going to break loose from anything these are attached to. Considering the way they’re used, nothing is more important than that consideration.

The video shows some brief examples of some of the simpler exercises outdoors and one indoors. At the end, I show the straps and how they are put together.



Don’t mistake these workout wonders for guy stuff.

Before going any further, women watching this, the way I’m dressed and where I’m using it, can come to the conclusion this is for guys. Not so. This is as much for women as for men. The benefits are for either and will work equally for either.

Just before I started this article I went out back and showed my 21 year old daughter, who is a martial artist, how to go through a full upper body workout with the straps. While she showed considerable strain, she went through it smoothly and successfully.

Satisfaction For Those Needing Exercise Efficiency

One of the great features of a pair of simple homemade suspension straps is their versatility. A full body workout can be accomplished by attaching the straps to a tree once and not moving them. All you have to do is change positions.

The first several exercises shown out in the woods were me using the suspension straps without ever changing or reattaching them. I just changed the position of my feet or my direction in relation to the straps. From that, I was able to do pushups at 3 different angles, angled rows pulling my body up toward the tree, curls with a full range of motion, triceps extensions, again with a full range of motion. 

All suspended between the straps attached to one spot on the tree. 

At home I showed one set of rows pulling myself up and toward the door the straps were inserted through. That setup was the straps attached to a 2×4 that was placed on the opposite side of the door. The board was driven between the door facing and the door closed.

That results in a solid, secure attachment for the straps to workout indoors. 

Workout at any level of difficulty and extremity.

Finally, I showed a couple of exercises of a more extreme nature with my feet off the ground, planted on the side of the tree. You have to be real confident of your straps to do that, and it is suggested that you get used to them fully before trying exercises where you are suspended with your feet off the ground. 

Check out the video to see how the straps are put together. 

You can be sure, suspension strap exercises will be a steadfast part of my strength and muscle building efforts well into the future.                                                                                                                                                                                   



Full Arm Workout With A Chrome Curved Curl Bar

This impromptu video shows how to get a full arm workout with a chrome, curved curl bar. These are also known as EZ Curl Bars. You can get a comprehensive workout for your arms’ biceps, forearms and triceps with one piece of equipment.

The curl bar has various shapes along its length to allow you to put your hands in different positions. They can be purchased (most commonly) for standard weights but are also available for olympic weights.


A small 110 lb set of standard weight plates will give most people all the weight they’ll ever need for arm workouts with a curl bar. Essentially this provides a comprehensive arm workout with one piece of equipment.

A significant bonus is, they can be purchased at most major discount retailers and they are inexpensive.

That said, here are the exercises.

1. Biceps curls – hands placed naturally on the curl bar.

At this angle my hands are placed in the most natural and comfortable position on the bar. Many people use the bar for this reason only in a combined arm workout. It allows complete and deep workout of the bicep muscle without undue strain on the elbows or wrists.

           Natural Hand Placement On EZ Curl Bar              Normal Grip Curl

2. Curls with hands moved closer – palms in.

Next, I’ve put my hands much closer with palms almost fully facing each other on the bar. This will work the bicep muscle at a different angle and at a different depth.

EZ Curl Bar Close Grip              Close Grip Curl

3. Biceps curls with hands placed wide on the bar

Finally, I’ve got my hands in the furthest position that I can get them comfortably and safely. It’s worth mentioning that excessive angling out of your hands can result in significant injury.

 Hands Wide On Curl Bar             Wide Grip Curl With Curl Bar

Test the movement and amount of weight before proceding if you are not familiar with these bars.

Those three positional exercises result in the bicep essentially being worked at three angles. This gives the widest range of muscle building to all areas of the bicep and the most dramatic muscle building dynamic.

With just these hand position changes, you will feel the burn in your bicep differently with each one. Each one can be viewed as an individual arm workout. Alternately, they can be used as a single exercise as part of a curl bar workout or an exercise used with other equipment.

4. Curl bar forearm curls

This is one of the all time great forearm exercises. You can see from the picture or video that for this demonstration I have my hands placed at the most natural position.

However, here I have my palms facing down with the back of my hands coming up toward my shoulder. This places the full force of the weight against my fingers on the curl. This forces the forearm into action working your hands, wrists and forearms deeply.

Start Forearm Curl   Forearm Curl Movement With Curl Bar   EZ Curl Bar Forearm Side View

The movements should be done just like regular curls at similar repetitive speed.

Moving your hands along those angles as you do each set will work your forearms, just like your biceps at different angles.

5. Triceps extensions with the chrome curl bar

This starts with the bar raised overhead, bending the elbows only, hands behind your head. Using the forearms only, the bar should be raised upward and back to this position for each rep.

With the angles that the bar can be gripped at there are few better triceps exercisers. That said, care should be used if changing hand positions for this exercise.

EZ Curl Triceps Extension Start    Curl Bar Triceps Extension

Because of the strain on the elbows, hand movement to other positions should be tested with the bar only before the workout begins.

For Normal Fitness if you’re going to own and use equipment the curved curl bar is an example of what is ideal.

This bar and a few standard weights will be a very small monetary investment for a very big benefit for your arm exercises.