Don’t Mistake Dehydration For Weight Loss

A couple of days before this was written, I was out at my favorite outdoor exercise spot working out. At the end of my exercise I was walking back through a park, across the lake levee. When I got near the bottom of the levee I got just about stunned.

About 50 yards away, there were two girls walking around the park sidewalk at a brisk pace. That’s not what stopped me in my tracks.

What floored me was they were in sweats and full hooded sweatshirts with the hoods up on their head.

It was well into the 90s outside.

Here’s what was clear. From their shape and size and the insanity of having a full hoody on made it obvious it was a weight loss walk. A sweat off the weight workout.

The sad thing about that bizarre sight is it’s not unusual in any location around the world wherever people may exercise. People trying to invoke a quick fix for their weight dilemma. Somebody, somewhere has told them to do this against all physiological logic.

The worst thing is it may have been a coach, personal trainer or parent. The bottom line is whoever told two young girls to take off on a vigorous walk, in full clothing with cotton hoodies, on a 95 degree day not only deluded them into thinking they could lose weight that way.

Time. Not quick gratification through dangerous sweating to dehydration.

Don’t mistake dehydration for weight loss. It is an unhealthy, dangerous progression into weight loss gimmicks that become habits.

  • Make a commitment to change your eating habits.
  • Make a commitment to workout to meet fitness levels for your life goals.
  • Learn to workout in ways you love, not ways that can potentially land you in the e.r.

It’ll take time but you’ll get there. Safely, in good health and ready to take on life on your terms.

Get a drink of water and relax. Tomorrow ….. get to work. Normal Fitness will get you there.

 They put their health and even their lives in danger.

Oh, in the strictest sense of the term, they’ll “lose weight” doing that. Quickly. And temporarily. Because it will be essential fluid loss quickly attained by forcing sweat out in unhealthy amounts.

Then they’ll feel good and say it was a miracle. The reality is that fluid loss that results in quick weight loss is not fat loss. The fluids are replaced. The weight is returned. No real loss for the significant risk of quickly draining essential body fluids.

That’s not weight loss because it’s not fat loss.

That’s dehydration. Period. Unhealthy at least. Dangerous at worst.

True weight loss is fat loss that comes through changes in eating habits. Not through sweating to the point of dehydration.

Weight loss takes time and lifestyle changes. It takes eating differently to allow your body to function while losing the fat. Exercise increases the bodily metabolism.