Changing Your Body Shape Without Significant Weight Loss

No the title does not refer to morphing into something other than human. It means changing your body shape by adjusting what you eat and using resistance exercise to increase muscle and strength. And it means doing that without any concerns about significant weight loss.

This is not about how you look though that is what attracts many people to this type title. This is about how you function. The appearance is simply a rewarding by-product of doing what is necessary for optimum body shape and functional ability.

Me before reshaping. Didn't look "bad". Not too much overweight. I had worked out for years. But .....

Me before reshaping. Didn’t look “bad”. Not too much overweight. I weighed 214 lbs in this picture. I had worked out for years. But …..

This is not to minimize the necessity of weight loss for better health, better bodily function, better performance, more energy. If your weight is a threat to your life and health, this needs to be pursued to a greater degree reducing calories and fat more significantly.

Do that as a lifestyle change, eating in ways that are fulfilling and enjoyable while helping you regain and improve health. Don’t do it as a plunge into yet another low carb diet.

But this article is for people who appear to be a little bit too heavy, have gotten out of shape, cannot do what they would like to do. The first thought is often “I need to lose weight”.

You won’t do it without resistance training. Generally, that means weight lifting.

Let’s get this out of the way now. You will not achieve the title of this article without significant resistance training. That means some kind of weight bearing and pulling exercises. Weight lifting is hands down the most effective and efficient. Just don’t limit yourself to what we normally know as exercise weights. Weights can be dumbbells, machines, rocks, tree limbs, etc.

What’s funny is the most dramatic change in me has taken place over the last year before this writing, though I haven’t lost weight in that time. I have people asking me if I’m taking steroids (I’m not).

Body Reshaped

This is me at the same basic size at 210 lbs. An insignificant weight change. Just a significantly different shape.

Not eliminating. Reducing.

In effect it reduces a significant amount of calories from that alone.

The increase in protein added to the weight training has made these type changes. The muscle was already there. The added protein allowed strengthening, shaping and slightly enlarging muscle while losing fat. Added protein. Lowered fat. Added weight training.

Changed body shape with no weight loss.

This is not about “targeting” a particular body part or trying to lose weight in a specific spot. It means a comprehensive style of exercise and eating that works to maximize what your body is supposed to be. Lean, fit, strong, functional, efficient.

So how does this miracle happen? First it’s not a miracle nor is it complicated. It does not require a diet by any specific name.

Diets, except for individuals known to have legitimate genetic metabolic problems, are ineffective for long term health and vitality. Low carb, low protein, low fat, low calorie, low, low, low, generally means one thing.

Deprivation to achieve appearance. That doesn’t work for anybody, long term.

Try to break free from the prison of “low” anything. Get your mind set to think of food as fuel. Fuel you can consume and enjoy. And fuel you will gleefully find out will help your body shape, lean out and function the way you want it to.

Here’s the basic formula for changing body shape without weight loss.
Food that tastes good and fuels your body + Exercise that builds your muscle, strength and ability = a reshaped body that performs what you need it to do when you need it to do it. Without losing weight.

That may not be true based on one condition. What you may need to do is change the way and what you eat to reduce high fat, high calorie food. Replace that with high protein, reduced fat food to fuel your body.

Notice I didn’t mention carbohydrates. Carbs are necessary for bodily function and energy. Fat is necessary for many internal processes of your body. And protein is absolutely necessary for muscular gain which is one of the great permanent metabolism boosters.

That said, the fat and carbohydrates in chips, cakes, cookies, spreads, many canned foods and all the junk Americans love to eat will interfere with your body shaping. And eaten in quantity over time considerable evidence points to the likelihood that it will end your life sooner along with decreasing the quality of it as you go.

[Two men, same height. 200 lbs each. One with 30% body fat. The other with 10% body fat.]

They are the same height and weight. But they don’t look the same. The one with 10% body fat looks leaner, more fit and can likely function better in athletic activities.

The idea is to reduce calories while eating plenty of food to provide the necessary elements for your body to work well. Add comprehensive weight training to that and you can reshape your body to a leaner more muscular appearance. The best part of that is the improvement in your actual fitness level.

Misery does not equal success.

Just a quick note here if you’re thinking about how miserable you’ll be. Last week I ate a whole sausage pizza while watching a movie with my daughter. From time to time I go to the local dollar store and get a sack of candy. Every once in a while I go get a peach pie and eat half of it.

Difference: Those are treats every once in a while that are important to avoid feelings of being deprived of the uneccessary but enjoyable stuff we just love to taste. I like a little junk food from time to time. It’s just that now it’s a few times a month rather than several times a week.

Body reshaping without weight loss. With the billions of dollars spent on weight loss programs, supplements, exercise programs all it takes is a simple adjustment that most people can do without spending anything extra. And they don’t even have to be miserable.

Ironic isn’t it?