A High Intensity Biceps Workout With Adjustable Dumbbells

I used the term high intensity to describe this adjustable dumbbell biceps workout because it requires you to use the dumbbells for three consecutive exercises with no rest in between except to change positions. A concentrated workout for any body part will require a moderate weight because of the general intensity of the exercise.

This is not a workout intended to replace your regular, progressive heavy arm work. It is to add to your workouts from time to time to add variety and hence to avoid plateauing.

Not An End All – A Supplemental Biceps Workout

In fact, nothing should replace general strength training exercises for any body part. Added exercises should enhance and assist you in gaining strength and getting past sticking points, as well as adding functional ability to your muscle.

If done correctly and with the proper level of intensity, these biceps exercises will result in your arms burning like fire. They will hit your bicep at each level, bottom, peak, top.

Working from an incline bench, I first do upright seated curls with the dumbbells. According to the weight you are using, you should be able to do 7-12 repetitions. This hits primarily the lower part of the bicep.

Seated Adjustable Dumbbell Curls

When complete I lean back in an incline position and do another set of curls, same number of reps. This elongates the muscle further working the muscle up into the peak.

Incline Dumbbell Biceps Curs

As soon as those are complete, I turn around with my chest resting on the inclined bench, arms hanging down below. On these I concentrate on as full a range of motion as possible, flexing at the top of the movement. This completes the range of muscle concentration with the top of the bicep receiving concentrated work.


To complete this set of exercises, I either use two very light dumbbells or a light resistance band and do standing curls to failure.

The burn at this point is tremendous and your arms will feel jelly like if you have worked with the proper amount of intensity.

Resistance Band Biceps Curls

After 2-3 minutes rest, you can repeat the exercises for the next concentrated set. Few people will need more than two complete circuits through these exercises.

These concentrated dumbbell biceps curls should be added, keeping in mind the Normal Fitness motto: Everything is part of something else.

Don’t use these as a forever workout for your arms. They are specifically to add as needed when you want to get past a point in your fitness pursuit.

Use them wisely and keep them just part of the big picture.