All About Normal Fitness And How It Works For You

Welcome to the Normal Fitness website. The word Normal kinda throws people off when they come here.

What Normal refers to here is not what’s normal for me …. or a thousand other people. It’s not for somebody trying to sell you a workout for three easy payments of $39.95. It’s not somebody trying to get you to take on the latest ninety days, sixty days, thirty days, 15 minutes of ….. anything.

What it refers to is what’s normal for you. It’s specifically for you and exactly what you want to do with your life.

That doesn’t take place just by learning exercise. It happens by learning the basics, getting some ideas and then using the greatest asset that anybody has. Intuition.

In other words it’s you developing the workouts for your own goals. Hands down, that is the most effective way to pursue fitness and to pursue it long term and make it a lifestyle.

Time to concentrate on what you can do with your custom fitness training.

If you came here looking because you’ve found all kinds of reasons why you haven’t been able to reach your fitness goals, it’s time to forget those reasons. It’s time to bring your physical limitations to the forefront and deal with them.

The lack of motivation to exercise and eat for fitness can be a thing of the past.

Here’s where this differs from every other kind of fitness training: Normal Fitness will be defined by you deciding exactly what it is you want to do. Not an exercise program. Not an exercise routine.

A lifestyle lived day to day determining your fitness goals in the most effective way possible.

Don’t think about what you cannot do. Think about what you could do if you meet your fitness goals.

Maybe it’s something you’ve been wanting to do for years.

But you haven’t been able to because you haven’t reached the fitness level to do it. Now you’re thinking, “How can I get that done”?

It’s going to take a level of physical activity and fitness that you haven’t been able to achieve.

Normal Fitness can help you get there, and love the journey.

It will get you there because it will become a lifestyle where you love and anticipate every workout that you perform. You’ll love every step and breath you take, every lift you make, everything you climb.

It will become a lifestyle that you will anticipate like you anticipate all the other “Best” things in your life.

It’s not just for men or just for women. It’s for both of any age from 20s to 40s to 70s.

Anybody of any age can live a Normal Fitness lifestyle and love it. Love it while not just thinking about how you need to get in shape, get healthier, need to do something, pursuing a long-lost goal.

But love it while accomplishing all those things.

You’ll learn plenty on this fitness website but  …..

On this website you’ll get plenty of ideas, some instructive, some creative, some just plain entertaining. You’ll learn about specific focused exercises and compound exercises. You’ll learn about helpful equipment.

You’ll learn how to workout without equipment too. You’ll learn to use household items as equipment.

You’ll learn to do workouts indoors at home, outdoors at home, in the woods, at a park, at a lake, in sand ….. even on a playground.

Your greatest asset in becoming the fit person you want to be: Your Own Training Intuition.

No exercise sales expert, personal trainer, therapist or even doctor knows your body better than you do.

Intuition is not something that anybody is even given the option to use in most workouts sold today. And this is not referring to just doing what you can at your pace.

You see, in Normal Fitness that is specifically for you and your goals, no exercise is an end unto itself.

The key to unlock your fitness potential:

REMEMBER – Everything you do is part of something else.

The goal is to pursue what you want to do in life and never get tired of that pursuit. That means for as long as you live.

Every exercise, everything you do to pursue your fitness goals becomes part of something else you are doing. Bench presses become part of something else. Workouts indoors become part of workouts you do in the woods. Exercises you do in the woods may be part of how you workout at a lake.

Everything leads to something else. Normal Fitness never gets stale.

No programs are necessary. Unless you want to use one.

No schedules are necessary. Unless you want to use one. Your workouts fit within your life. You workout any time, day or night. You don’t have to show up at a gym …. unless you want to.

You don’t have to stand in front of a tv and workout with people who aren’t really there. Unless that’s what you love to do.

“I don’t have time” will no longer be valid (so if you really like using that, take off now).

“But I don’t need to lose weight. I’m underweight …. skinny. I need to gain weight and muscle. Will Normal Fitness work for me?”

Media exercise sales are almost 100% aimed at people who are overweight or have become flabby and out of shape. That’s the constant mantra of tv exercise sales.

What you never see on a high energy exercise infomercial is workouts and eating for people who are underweight and need to gain. They’re too thin. They need more vigor. They need to add healthy muscle weight.

That’s because what’s constantly pumped at you through tv workout sales will not work for them.

The workouts guaranteed to work miraculously in 30, 60, or 90 days are geared to people who are overweight or are out of shape but have enough underlying muscle to work with. Most of the muscle you see after somebody’s 30 or 60 day workout is muscle that for the most part was already there.

They lose weight through a strict, focused diet. They workout intensely shaping muscle. Their posture improves. And presto, out comes super man or woman in a couple of months. The workouts are seven days a week, intense, an hour at a time, with a necessary dvd in front of a tv.

Those same workouts will not work for people who are underweight, malnourished or have no physical platform to work with. So …..

They’re left out.

Not any more.

If you’re thin, underweight, need vitality, vigor, healthy muscle weight and strength Normal Fitness will take you there. All you have to do is follow along, eat some great food and develop the intuition that will take you all the way.

 So how many kinds of people will this kind of exercise development work for?

It will work for anybody, man or woman, young or old, no matter how wide, narrow or physical condition.

So it’s time to get started. You’ll start with basics for what you want or need to do. You’ll learn what exercises to combine and how to make one workout lead to the next.

Through gaining knowledge, putting together workouts, and learning to love your fitness pursuit, your intuition will expand and you’ll get better and better.

Better at “just knowing” what to do.

You will develop the very best, most effective, most entertaining exercise and eating lifestyle that anybody can develop. Because you will be the one making the decisions based on what you know about yourself.

One just for you and you only. The most effective for you.

Normal Fitness.

Come on along. I promise you’ll enjoy the journey.