Normal Fitness Is Specifically For You

In the simplest terms, Normal Fitness is pursuing your fitness goals in ways that you love, not dread. How you do that will not be based on a single workout that you find here. How your reach the fitness level you desire will be based on what you want to do.

You.  Not a thousand other people. Normal Fitness involves people in exercise and eating that is basic to begin, then is built on intuition.

family fitness

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Why? Because no personal trainer, bodybuilder, fitness expert, therapist or doctor knows your body better than you do. Normal fitness gives you what you need to begin, then shows you how to progress by intuition.

Your intuition. Not somebody else’s.

They look for exercises and whole workout “programs” that they think they can stand. They don’t look for what they will love to do, because they don’t believe it exists.


Do you think that Normal Fitness is a progression of discipline, hard work and misery in the gym or on the road?

It is if it’s a workout for somebody else. But it’s the wrong way to view it if you want to succeed in your goals.

If you  have to say to yourself, “I can do this” to convince yourself to workout, you’re miserable doing it. That’s not a fitness lifestyle that will last.

Normal Fitness is exercise, eating and a lifestyle you’ll love.

lack of motivation

Maybe you lack motivation

Do you blame yourself for laziness when you don’t make it to the gym or miss your workout?

Well, you may be lazy, but that’s not the indicator in this case. What you likely lack is not energy, or will, but they lack motivation.

The reality is that most people who know they need to ramp up their fitness level, but struggle to remain consistent are not lazy. They just haven’t applied the need for fitness to anything that keeps them pursuing it.

Motivation is key to everything involving your pursuit of fitness.

 So do you think wanting to look better will keep you motivated?


That motivates a lot of people initially. It is one of the main reasons health clubs intentionally sell far more gym memberships than their facilities can accommodate.

They know the statistics of how many people get motivated to look better ….. and how short the motivation is. They know the large percentage of people that will quit in the first few months and worse, the first few weeks.

Will you stay motivated by knowing you need to get in better health?

Not quite.

Typically people who are overweight, out of shape, have some debilitating condition, have allowed their health to deteriorate, get motivated.


Just about long enough to get feeling a little better and a little stronger. Then magically, the attention turns to other things. The motivation is gone.

To stay motivated to reach your exercise and fitness goals do you think you have to keep up with the latest fitness trends?

Those would be _______ Days of ….. Anything and every other high energy commercial in front of you today?

Not likely.

Words like: insanity, insane, intense, amazing, awesome, sweat-drenched, don’t get you fit.

They get you to buy.

For the very small percentage of people that complete them an even smaller percentage of those go on to stay with it. Do they work? Yes. Do many people finish them? No. Do the ones that finish keep going? Very few.

What about weight loss supplements?

Not needed to lose weight.

What about muscle building enzymes?


So what is the hope for me to exercise and eat to reach the fitness level I need and want?

Start using Normal Fitness techniques. What’s that?

  • Exercises performed on a time basis that recognizes you have a life.
  • Exercises and eating that you can do without a schedule.
  • Exercise and eating that is all part of something else.
  • Exercise and eating that gets you ready for what you want to do.
  • Exercise and eating that is for you only — not a thousand other people.
  • Exercise and eating that is the best possible for you ….. because you decide what that is.

Here, you’ll get what you need to learn about the effects of individual exercise, compound exercises, exercise combinations, endurance work, and how it can all work together.

But long term, you’ll be the one that determines what the best exercise, combinations and foods are for you and what you want from life.

And you’ll love every minute of it, because it won’t be somebody else telling you how to get it done. That will be up to you. With or without a schedule. With or without a formula. Whatever makes if fun for you.

It’s not somebody else’s fitness plan imposed on you.

It’s yours.

Normal Fitness. Don’t you think it’s about time?

To find out what Normal Fitness is and how it works go here.